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Green Area

Everyone likes parks, but we may be greatly undervaluing their importance to our health and wellbeing, and to the wellbeing of other species. Green space may provide residents with opportunities for contact with the natural environment. Such contact has positive restorative effects on mental health and wellbeing and may also help to provide a buffer against stressful life events. Many studies have associated green space with improved mental and physical health for city residents. Recognizing this value should allow us to develop more green space because it contributes to wider city objectives. Recognizing the different contributions green space can make to city life can help raise its status and put it on a par with other areas of urban design. Historically, green planning has been an afterthought, considered separately and this lack of integration means that there has been no clear plan or purpose for a city’s green areas.

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Convenience Shops

Convenience stores can also offer opportunities for value enhancement. These retail formats, especially smaller independent stores, may have been busier than ever during the lockdown, but in order to remain relevant and attractive in the future they also need to invest and prepare for the evolving changes in consumer behaviour, the drop in consumer spending and the increasing competition from online shopping. Contactless experiences, technology investment, enhanced in-store safety and hygiene standards are some strategies to better engage with the consumer and create confidence and loyalty.

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Secure Kid’s Play Area

Gone are the days when people use to have houses with backyards and gardens. Kids and youngsters had enough space to move around freely and play carefree, when space was never constrained to them. However, owning a house in a city like Dehradun, in the current time, sounds almost like a fancy tale. With this changing scenario, people are more inclined toward apartments rather than houses.This paradigm shift in lifestyle and habitation has drastically impacted the younger generation. Kids are mostly addicted to indoor activities: television, video games, and mobile phones. Many scientific researches have concluded that these addictions not only result in adverse physical issues it also impacts the mental growth. Outdoor sports and activities play a crucial role in the development of kids.

presidency realty ventures Convenience Shops

Swimming Pool

The medium size pool, temperature-controlled swimming pool is set in a partially enclosed area.This can hold water of up to 5,455 gallons, which is 80% more than the capacity of a small in-ground swimming pool. This pool is made of durably laminated PVC sidewalls that keep the pool sturdy enough for all the activities and actions while having fun inside the pool. This also features new dual suction outlet fittings, which greatly improve the circulation of the water. This also features a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter, which instantly shuts off the pump when the electric wires are wet. This can be installed within 60 minutes. This also includes a ladder, a ground cloth, and a debris cover. Pool frame is very strong with extra U-frame support bars around the sides. Comfortable vinyl interior is durable in most weather conditions (and looks good too).Good for pool parties and lap swimming for exercise

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Gated Community

Now bringing the latest Gated Community. The features and specifications of Gated Community Apartments are luxurious and made with super quality raw materials. All the specifications like structures, floorings, paintings are designed by experts and only branded equipments are used to make these.
INTERNAL WALL FINISHES: Smooth plastered surface treated with putty and painted with emulsion.
EXTERNAL WALL FINISHES: Sponge finished sand faced cement plaster and painted with exterior paint.
MAIN DOOR: Engineered wood / Teak wood frame & Teak Veneered shutter aesthetically designed and finished with melamine polish fitted with reputed make hardware of the best brand.
INTERNAL DOORS: Engineered wood / Teak wood frame & Teak Veneered flush shutter aesthetically designed and finished with melamine polish fitted with reputed make hardware of the best brand.
FRENCH DOORS: UPVC door frames with float glass paneled sliding shutters with provision for mosquito mesh track.

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24x7 Security

Supported by highly trained and qualified professionals, 24×7 Security systems. Our company is well known as the leading supplier and service provider of electronic surveillance systems like CCTV, intrusion alarm, fire alarm and automations systems like remote operated gate automations, boom barrier, automatic rolling shutter , blinds, homeautomation systems, access control etc.
We have tied up with the industry giants who have great reputation and have been serving this industry for a very long time. They provide every product having well tested on certain quality control measures.
We have secured a respectable position in this line of business in a very short span of time. Our company remains the prime choice of all types of clients who demand best quality at very affordable price. Our main priority remains good and commited service after installations of our products, hence making our company much more reliable company then any other company in this line of business.

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Spacious And Open Roads

Create conceptual road and bridge designs to evaluate more options during the planning and pre-bid stage of your project.
Design more efficiently, identify high-risk items, and minimize costs.
OpenRoads Designer is a comprehensive and fully functioned detailed design application for surveying, drainage, subsurface utilities, and roadway design that supersedes all capabilities.
OpenRoads builds on our tradition and deep experience in civil and road network, and provides a comprehensive modeling environment to support design and analysis from concept through construction.

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