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residential property in Dehradun

Dehradun – the city of love exudes tranquility at its very best. Nestled in the foothills of the stunning snow-laden Himalayan, the quaint old town offers abundant, unbridled scenic beauty. Additionally, it is also the land of opportunities when it comes to real estate. The real estate sector in the dazzling town of Dehradun has seen exponential growth over the past few decades. This strikingly stunning valley has and continues to reign as the crowd’s favorite travel destination.  Forever adding to its popularity is Dehradun’s proximity to Mussoorie – the queen of hills, Haridwar & Rishikesh. Primarily popular for its amazing tourism options, and excellent educational institutions; Dehradun is also an absolute marvel when it comes to residential as well as commercial infrastructure. With the increase in the number of posh plots in Dehradun, one can very easily assume that Dehradun is where you need to be to make lucrative real estate investments.

Mayfair Highlands is considered the best residential land for sale in Dehradun in recent times. It is situated on the prominent Mussoorie road for direct connectivity to various parts of the city including tourist spots, making it an ideal destination for potential investors. If you’re someone who’s considering investing in properties in the beautiful valley of Dehradun, the world is your oyster as the city is home to some of the finest real estate in the country. A host of new establishments are being constructed in the city and the others have been refurbished to cater to the needs of the diverse property seekers. Hence, one can rest assured that investing in real estate property in Dehradun is a safe bet with very promising returns. Additionally, with a host of new properties paving their way into the city; one can’t help but explore all their options. However; if you’re someone who believes in the ‘pay less – get more’ ideology, Mayfair Highlands is the best option for you.

Surrounded by two perennial rivers as well as lush green Himalayan foothills, Mayfair Highlands is a rustic yet contemporary residential property in Dehradun at Presidency Group India in 2023. It promises clear-cut access to sunlight on grounds that are filled with gorgeous Gulmohar trees. Additionally, it also offers modern amenities that are sure to leave its residents spellbound. What sets this stunning property further apart is the price needed to invest in it. Considering the kind of luxuries it offers; Mayfair Highlands is very priced on the lower end of the spectrum in an attempt to broaden the scope of its potential buyers. Thus, it is safe to say that you truly pay less & get more with this magnificent establishment.

Dissecting the Dehradun property prices, the estimated price of a property in the middle of the city would be between INR 40 lakhs to 2 crores for a 2BHK house and around 50 lahks to 3 crores for a 3BHK one. The prices undergo a drop if one chooses to live on the outskirts, away from the hustle-bustle of the city lights. As stated above, Mayfair Highlands is scenic, stunning & soulful. It offers the trendiest technologies and is priced in a manner that will not burn a hole in anyone’s pocket. Thus, it is safe to claim that Mayfair Highlands is the most fitting choice for anyone looking to revel in the lap of nature while spending the least amount of money! The property has all that it takes to become a sacred space for your and your loved ones. So, what are you waiting for? Seal the deal today and let the magic of the Mayfair Highlands envelop & enthrall you!


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