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Dehradun – the city of love is a picture-perfect little town in the foothills of the stunning snow-laden Himalayan ranges. The darling city offers abundant, unbridled scenic beauty that is sure to find a permanent place in your mind and heart. The town is synonymous with all the good things in life – peace, joy, and beauty! Dehradun literally has it all and is a dream to live in – the city never disappoints. It is surely the land of opportunities when it comes to real estate. The real estate sector in the dazzling town of Dehradun has seen exponential growth over the past few decades. This strikingly stunning valley has and continues to reign as the crowd’s favorite travel destination.  Forever adding to its popularity is Dehradun’s proximity to Mussoorie – the queen of hills, Haridwar & Rishikesh. Primarily popular for its amazing tourism options, and excellent educational institutions; Dehradun is also an absolute marvel when it comes to residential as well as commercial infrastructure. With the increase in the number of premiere properties in Dehradun, one can very easily assume that Dehradun is where you need to be to make lucrative real estate investments.

Mayfair Highlands is one such upcoming residential property in Dehradun situated on the prominent Mussoorie road for direct connectivity to various parts of the city including tourist spots, making it an ideal destination for potential investors. If you’re someone who’s contemplating investing in the beautiful valley of Dehradun, you’re definitely in for a treat and it just doesn’t get better than the city of love. The quaint old town is home to some of the finest properties in the country, however; nothing compares to the magic of Mayfair Highlands. Flanked by two perennial rivers as well as lush green Himalayan foothills, Mayfair Highlands is definitely a deep dive into the most untapped parts of nature. It promises clear-cut access to sunlight on grounds that are filled with gorgeous Gulmohar trees. The makers of the property are all set to bring about the latest amenities across the globe to attract a global audience. Additionally, what helps Mayfair Highlands stand further apart from its competition is its price. Considering the list of everything that comes with this place, its price is extremely reasonable to broaden its scope of clientele. Talking about Dehradun property prices in general, the digits vary based on a lot of factors. Generally, the approximate price of a property in the middle of the city would be between INR 40 lakhs to 2 crores for a 2 BHK house and around 50 lahks to 3 crores for a 3 BHK one. Additionally, the prices undergo a drop if one chooses to live on the outskirts or in other not-so-prime localities.

Coming back to Mayfair Highlands, it is safe to say that the place exudes magic every step of the way. It has all its basis covered with a stunning backdrop, verdant valleys, ideal location, state-of-the-art amenities, and affordable pricing, and is by far the best residential land for sale in Dehradun. Thus, it is safe to claim that Mayfair Highlands is the most fitting choice for anyone looking to enjoy the little things in life, make the most of their family life and last but not the least lead the good old slow life. Mayfair Highlands is the land of magic – the kind of place that you and your family deserve to experience and thrive in. Trust us and take the plunge as we promise you, there’s going to be no looking back! So, just go out there and immerse yourself in the magic of the Mayfair Highlands.


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