How to Choose the Best Luxury Homes in Uttarakhand

best residential property for sale in Dehradun

Primarily known for its various Hindu pilgrimage sites, Uttarakhand is all things serene. Its proximity to religious avenues such as Haridwar and Rishikesh as well as the queen of hills – Mussoorie has played a huge role in helping the state stay on top of the charts for eons now. Dehradun is one of the most prominent cities in Uttarakhand. The city of love – Dehradun is synonymous with beauty. It promises unmatched, unparalleled beauty in every nook & corner. The crisp mountain air, flowing streams, and tall evergreen trees almost make you want a luxury home in Dehradun to be able to spend a lot more quality time amidst nature. It is also home to some of the finest academic institutions in the country and has also developed massively in important sectors such as pharmaceuticals, plastic, and real estate. Dehradun is amongst the very few places in the country that has managed to retain its good old charm & countryside vibe despite all the emphasis that is laid on commercialization in today’s day & age. Being one of the oldest towns in the country, it has achieved a host of milestones, and come a long way with regard to business avenues – however; it still continues to be the quaint little town that is all things peaceful. Striking the perfect balance between unmatched landscape and modern amenities, Dehradun is the perfect city for both work & play. Ever since the city’s reign as the capital of Uttarakhand, it has observed a big boom in the real estate sector and has also grown substantially to become an absolute gem with regard to residential as well as commercial infrastructure. Thus, here are a few things you must know about luxury homes in Uttarakhand:

● Uttarakhand houses a host of tasteful luxury properties, however; one must be careful to lock the Mdda-approved ones only.

● The luxurious properties in the state combine contemporary designs and old-warm charm in an attempt to offer you the best of both worlds.

● One must also be vigilant of conmen filling in as real estate agents, it is always advisable to be well-researched before entering the market.

● There is no dearth of luxury housing avenues in Uttarakhand, however; most of the population is drawn toward Dehradun.

● Hence, Dehradun is home to some of the most sought-after luxury apartments in the state. For instance, the upcoming Mayfair apartments in Dehradun strike the perfect balance between opulence & functionality.

Located on the prominent Mussoorie Road for ideal connectivity, Mayfair Highlands mirrors perfection in every which way. The devil is in the detail and Mayfair Highlands stands the test of that statement. The luxury flats in Dehradun are flanked by two perennial rivers to ensure scenic beauty at its very best. The property also offers unobstructed access to sunlight right in the middle of gorgeous Gulmohar trees that are planted all around it. Additionally, this stellar property offers state-of-the-art amenities to broaden its scope of potential buyers by virtue of introducing them to an all-new world of technology at its very best. It encapsulates mother nature at its very best – making it a true delight for nature lovers. One gets to experience the most sought-after amenities in the middle of the verdant valley of Dehradun. Additionally, what makes this beautiful property the perfect home for you & your family is rooted in its very installation. The property is luxurious, yet warm; offers the best of technologies – however; it’s absolutely user-friendly! Thus, if you’re someone who cherishes the good old life surrounded by your loved ones in a peaceful, vibrant backdrop – the magical land of Mayfair Highlands is exactly where you should be!


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